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Loredo / Mexican American History and Family Experiences

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Interview Interview with Agustin Loredo
Subjects Oral Tradition › Oral Tradition of the Mexican Revolution
Family › Parenting
Work › Labor Unions
Work › Discrimination at Work › Discrimination at Work: Union Membership
Housing › Neighborhoods
Housing › Neighborhoods › Residential Segregation
Religion › Religious Denominations
Religion › Spirituality
Religion › Churches
Discrimination or Segregation
Discrimination or Segregation › Discrimination or Segregation at Work
Discrimination or Segregation › Discrimination or Segregation at School
Discrimination or Segregation › Discrimination or Segregation and Neighborhoods
Geography › Places (Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods, and Intersections)
Geography › Spatial and Residential Segregation
White Resistance to Civil Rights › White Resistance and Anti-Communism
Education › "Mexican School"
Education › Elementary Education
Education › Secondary Education
Education › Higher Education
Education › Chicano Studies
Education › Education and Gender
Education › Teachers and Administrators
Electoral Politics › Politicians
Gender and Sexuality
Gender and Sexuality › Sexual Minorities
Military › Vietnam War
Ideology › Liberalism
Student Activism
Student Activism › Adult Participation in Student-led Actions
Chicano Power
Chicano Power › Ideology of Chicano Power
Class and Status › Class, Status, and Gender
Work › Types of Work
Race Relations › Racial Slurs
Religion › Church Leadership
Family › Parents
Social Justice in Art › Visual Art
Tags Belts, Marian
Pack, Holly
Kahlo, Frida
Loredo, Agustin Jr.
Loredo, Agustin Sr.
University of Houston
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Interview date 2016-07-15
Interview source CRBB Summer 2016
Interviewees Loredo, Agustin
Interviewers Enriquez, Sandra
Rodriguez, Samantha
Duration 00:06:47
Citation "Mexican American History and Family Experiences," from Agustin Loredo oral history interview with Sandra Enriquez and Samantha Rodriguez,  July 15, 2016, Baytown, Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed July 22, 2024