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Watkins / Jim Crow in Marshall


SubjectsRace Relations › Black-White Race Relations
Discrimination or Segregation › Discrimination or Segregation in Stores
Education › All-Black Education
Education › Teachers and Administrators
Historic Periods › Jim Crow Period
Direct Action › Marches
Student Activism › Sit-ins
Consumption › Consumer Boycotts
Quantitative Questions › First Interracial Contact
Tags  Add newRemember the Titans (2000)
Washington, Denzel
Bishop College
Wiley College
Paramount Theater, Marshall, TX
InterviewInterview with Clarice Watkins
Interview date2015-06-25
Interview sourceCRBB Summer 2015
IntervieweeWatkins, Clarice
Interviewee occupationJustice of the Peace
Interview interviewee religionsMethodist
InterviewerBynum, Katherine
LocationsMarshall, TX
Media duration00:05:33

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