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Johnson: I was born in Shawnee, OK. Interviewer: In what year? Johnson: Nineteen twenty-six. Interviewer: And who were your parents? Johnson: My mother was named Tobitha, T-O-B-I-T-H-A Coreen Johnson and my dad was named James E. Johnson. James Eugene Johnson. Interviewer: So, are you a junior? Johnson: No. The Middle names are different Interviewer: What is your middle name? Johnson: E-R-T-E-L-L. Ertell. Interviewer: Ertell, okay. What did your parents do for a living? Johnson: My dad was at first a farmer which was about all available at the time. Later he became a worker for the railway express company. Interviewer: What about your mother? Johnson: Basically housewife. Interviewer: Do you know how your parents met? Johnson: It was a small town. I guess it was in that setting where they chose each other. Little town in Central Texas Interviewer: Oh, they met in Central Texas? Johnson: Yes. Interviewer: Which town? Johnson: Rockdale. Interviewer: Where’s that? Johnson: Milam County. Interviewer: Milam County. Okay, okay. Johnson: Milam—Cameron is the county seat of Milam County. Rockdale, it’s a suburb of Austin. Interviewer: So, you said you were born in Shawnee, OK. Do you know what brought them out there? Johnson: They followed a friend out there who said work was good and, of course, I guess it turned out not too good after a bit because I think my sister might have been born out there too, but they came back to Texas in the early thirties while I was still an infant. I don’t have much time because it was in my infancy when they came back.

Interview Interview with James E. Johnson
Subjects Family › Courtship
Work › "Women's Jobs"
Work › Agricultural Work › Agricultural Work: Tenancy and Sharecropping
Historic Periods › Jim Crow Period
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Interview date 2015-07-21
Interview source CRBB Summer 2015
Interviewees Johnson, James E.
Interviewers Acuña-Gurrola, Moisés
Bynum, Katherine
Locations Shawnee, OK
Rockdale, TX
Milam County, TX
Cameron, TX
Duration 00:02:19
Citation "Biographical Information ," from James E. Johnson oral history interview with Moisés Acuña-Gurrola and Katherine Bynum,  July 21, 2015, Prairie View, TX , Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed January 27, 2021