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Glenn / The Creation of El Paso's Image


SubjectsRace Relations › Race Relations and Bilingualism
Geography › Geographical Descriptions
Geography › Geographic Disparities in Economic Growth or Decline
Education › Higher Education
Court Cases
Police and Law Enforcement
Police and Law Enforcement › Latino/a Employment in Law Enforcement
Law and Public Policy › Bilingual Education
Class and Status › Land Ownership and Class
Police and Law Enforcement › Border Patrol
Police and Law Enforcement › Federal Law Enforcement › FBI
Ideology › Conservatism
Tags  Add newSchool Board
Downtown Development Plan
Federal Taxes
Federal Grants
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Police Jury
InterviewInterview with Guillermo Glenn
Interview date2015-07-16
Interview sourceCRBB Summer 2015
IntervieweeGlenn, Guillermo
InterviewerEnriquez, Sandra
LocationsEl Paso, TX
Media duration00:05:11

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