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Wade / Mother's Role in Education and Experiencing Desegregation, Part One


SubjectsFamily › Extended Family Networks
Family › Cultural Heritage Gender Roles
Family › Childhood Experiences
Work › Gendered Work
Work › Black-Owned Businesses
Education › Adult Education
Education › Parent and Community Involvement in Education
Class and Status › Land Ownership and Class
Gender and Sexuality
Direct Action › Direct Action (unspecified)
Student Activism › Sit-ins
Discrimination or Segregation › Discrimination or Segregation of Public Accommodations › Restaurants
Ideology › Desegregation v. Integration
Family › Parents
Family › Siblings
Tags  Add newHouston Independent School District (HISD)
Freedom Riders
InterviewInterview with Daler Wade
Interview date2016-07-25
Interview sourceCRBB Summer 2016
IntervieweeWade, Daler
Interviewee occupationHuman Resources Executive
Interview interviewee religionsBaptist
InterviewerHoward, Jasmine
LocationsHouston, TX
Media duration00:06:06

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