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De Leon / Publishing a Book Part Two

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Interview Interview with Nephtali De Leon
Subjects Migration › Migrant Labor
Direct Action
Student Activism
Direct Action › Walkouts
Direct Action › Protests
Work › Occupations › Journalism
Social Justice in Art
Tags Chicano History
Chicanos: Our Background, Our Pride
Farm Workers
Lubbock High School, Lubbock, TX
Social Justice
Migrant Experience
Chavez, Cesar
Rendine, Antonio
Farm Workers of Texas
Writing letters
Moya, Jesus
"El Tigre"
Lopez Tijerina, Reies
Gonzalez, Rodolfo "Corky"
Center For Justice
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Interview date
Interview source
Interviewees De Leon , Nephtali
Interviewers Zapata, Joel
Locations California
Lubbock ,TX
New Mexico
Duration 00:04:45
Citation "Publishing a Book Part Two," from Nephtali De Leon  oral history interview with Joel Zapata,  Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed June 22, 2024