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Romo / Working for a Spanish-Language Newspaper

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Interview Interview with Zeke Romo
Subjects Work › Working Conditions
Housing › Neighborhoods
Education › Higher Education
Education › Education and Integration
Police and Law Enforcement
Media › Spanish-Language Newspapers
Media › Spanish-Language Radio
Historic Periods › 1970s [Exact Date Unknown]
Chicano Power › Brown Berets
Chicano Power › Chicano Power and Community Organizing
Work › Occupations › Journalism
Recreation and Leisure › Music › Tejano Music
Tags Johnston High School, Austin, TX
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Interview date 2016-06-29
Interview source CRBB Summer 2016
Interviewees Romo, Zeke
Interviewers Sinta, Vinicio
Locations Austin, TX
Duration 00:07:00
Citation "Working for a Spanish-Language Newspaper ," from Zeke Romo oral history interview with Vinicio Sinta,  June 29, 2016, San Antonio, TX , Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed February 08, 2023