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Fullinwider / Bois d'Arc Patriots, Part One

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Interview Interview with John Fullinwider
Subjects Housing
Housing › Neighborhoods
Housing › Sub-standard Housing
Housing › Low Income Housing
Historic Periods › 1970s [Exact Date Unknown]
Housing › Neighborhoods › Gentrification
Tags Bois d'Arc Patriots
East Dallas
Swiss Avenue Historic District
Bryan Place, Dallas, TX
Rat Relocation Program
Young, Charlie
Camreth, Wilford
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Interview date 2017-07-07
Interview source CRBB Summer 2017
Interviewees Fullinwider, John
Interviewers Bynum, Katherine
Duration 00:06:43
Citation "Bois d'Arc Patriots, Part One," from John Fullinwider oral history interview with Katherine Bynum,  July 07, 2017, Dallas, TX, Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed September 23, 2023