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Martinez / Success of Court Order to Desegregate

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Interview Interview with Rene Martinez
Subjects Race Relations › Anglo-Mexican Race Relations
Race Relations › Black-White Race Relations
Race Relations › Black-Brown Race Relations
Education › Secondary Education
Education › Education and Integration
Education › Teachers and Administrators
Court Cases › School Desegregation Cases
Law and Public Policy › Bilingual Education
Tags Miller, Jack
Fox, Dave
Estes, Nolan
Friday, Otto
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Interview date 2011-09-07
Interview source Documenting the History of the Civil Rights Movement in Dallas County
Interviewees Martinez, Rene
Interviewers Dulaney, W. Marvin
Thomas, Alfred
Locations Dallas, TX
Duration 00:05:05
Citation "Success of Court Order to Desegregate," from Rene Martinez oral history interview with W. Marvin Dulaney and Alfred Thomas,  September 07, 2011, Dallas, TX, Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed September 28, 2023