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Austin / School Integration

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Interview with Lloyd Austin Part 4: School Integration Mr. Austin: In the schools, integration came and that was a blow because we had been use to going to our own school – they were called black schools—and then they integrated them. And sometime they’d get some bad teacher that still had that racism so they wouldn’t treat them all the same. But you had to work with that to get it out of the school system. And you have had leaders of out race that’d work in the PT--what is it called--the PT. Ms. Madison: I think so. Mr. Austin: They’d work together. Bring the teacher before them and [unclear] about segregation. That helped a whole lot. They had different rooms. [unclear]. They still got that PT.

Interview Interview with Lloyd Austin
Subjects Education › Education and Integration › Resistance to School Integration
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Interview date 2013-04-02
Interview source Texas Communities Oral History Project
Interviewees Austin, Lloyd
Interviewers Scott, Madison
Locations Fort Worth
Duration 00:01:05
Citation "School Integration," from Lloyd Austin oral history interview with Madison Scott,  April 02, 2013, Fort Worth, TX, Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed April 13, 2024