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Bridgewater / Parents and Stop Six Neighborhood

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Interview Interview with Ida Bridgewater
Subjects Family › Marriage
Work › Labor Unions
Housing › Neighborhoods
Community Organizations
Electoral Politics
Class and Status › Class, Status, and Gender
Citizenship › Taxes › Poll Tax
Work › Service Industry
Family › Parents
Tags Thompson, Garfield
Zephyr Railroad
Cary, Reby
Stop Six Neighborhood, Fort Worth, TX
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Interview date 2015-06-10
Interview source CRBB Summer 2015
Interviewees Bridgewater, Ida
Interviewers Enriquez, Sandra
Robles, David
Locations Fort Worth, TX
Duration 00:04:36
Citation "Parents and Stop Six Neighborhood," from Ida Bridgewater oral history interview with Sandra Enriquez and David Robles,  June 10, 2015, Fort Worth, TX, Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed May 18, 2021