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De Anda / Aldo Tatangelo

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When Aldo was elected, I had been in Laredo for two years and I got a job as a city attorney, so I was involved in what he was doing. He reorganized the street department and he started a paving project. He put through the Zacate Creek project which was a flood control project on one of our creeks that had been stalled. He put in public housing projects in non-barrios. The city got sued behind it. Or no the housing authority got sued by developers saying, ‘oh no we don’t want a housing project where we’re developing our homes.’ He organized planning and zoning commission and zoning. Laredo’s planning and zoning commission were a bunch of businessmen that were appointed by the mayor and city council who met for lunch and just rubberstamped everything that the architects and developers took to them. He reorganized the planning and zoning commission to where… this is what I mean by chaotic under mayor martin it was chaotic… ‘Well why aren’t you putting any sidewalks?’… ‘oh we’ve never put any sidewalks in this neighborhood, kids don’t walk, they all drive’. So it was chaotic in that sense that there was no plan behind it, no thinking about the future. Well maybe kids won’t be driving in the future, maybe they would want to walk. He brought in single-member districts. Before, to be a city councilman, you had to run city wide which was an expensive proposition. And it was pure single member districts... eight city councilman, eight city districts which changed the way of running elections for the city. There was a charter revision that was conducted during his administration… early 80s, 82 maybe which not only changed the city into a single member district city council but it also changed the city from a strong mayor to a city manager form of government. When he came into office, it was a strong mayor form of government where the mayor ran everything pretty much and when he left, it was transformed into the modern city manager form of government where the mayor is pretty much a figurehead.

Interview Interview with Ricardo De Anda
Subjects Housing › Exclusionary Zoning
Housing › Public Housing
Geography › Geographic Disparities in Infrastructure
Historic Periods › 1980s
Geography › Barrios
Electoral Politics › Local Elections
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Tags Tatangelo, Aldo
Martin, J. C. (Pepe)
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Interview date 2015-07-10
Interview source CRBB Summer 2015
Interviewees De Anda , Ricardo
Locations Laredo, TX
Duration 00:04:29
Citation "Aldo Tatangelo ," from Ricardo De Anda  oral history interview with ,  July 10, 2015, Laredo, TX, Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed June 14, 2024