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Bonilla / Current Activism

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Bonilla- Current Activism I think one of the things we do now because a lot of people say that what's drawn in the movement and then they do nothing, and their children like the parents of the state rep. Castro and Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, the twins, who were educated at Stanford, their parents are very active in the movement , but they are now not, especially the mother. They are now not that active. Well I think what's happened to us now is that we're very active in the community, I'm very active in the community by ways of leading Latinas and getting them educated because I truly believe and I've been quoted by many as saying hat if you educate a Latina she not only feeds her family but she helps the community. So because of that I am now involved with the Hispanic Women's Network in Texas and with MANA. MANA is the national organization of Latinas. Both of these organizations in Fort Worth work together, we collaborated. and having been the president of both organizations, I am with the state education program. In 2006, I co-authored Latinas in Progress and its a Latina organization that helps get students, latinas, mentoring by putting them through my modules and the modules teach them the citizenship, their culture, college prep 101, how to get to college and stay in college. We teach them writing skills because so many of them lack the writing skills for essays to apply for scholarships, for universities. we teach them assertiveness, we tell them that (throwina doormat)? doesn't live here anymore. and then the life skills, the life skills that they need to get to college, through college. Since I coauthored it in 2006, we have given order 1.4 millions dollars in scholarships. we also do that. our program is such a stellar program. TCU gives us a full ride to our org to pick a student that goes to TCU. and we pick them, not them (TCU). Even though i do serve on TCU's panel that chooses their community's scholars, I've done it for five years now. I'm honored by that. and another things is that Texas Wesleyan gives us a full ride to pick our student to go to Texas Wesleyan. this year alone, picking our students, taking into consideration to the cost that goes to TCU or Texas Wesleyan, we gave over a hundred and forty thousand dollars in scholarships to forty five students. this was our largest class since 2006. Anyway we don't charge for anything and that's through a collaboration of the Hispanic women's network and MANA.

Interview Interview with Eva Bonilla
Subjects Community Organizations
Student Activism › Student Organizations
Tags Hispanic Women's Network of Texas
Mana de North Texas
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Interview date 2013-03-28
Interview source Texas Communities Oral History Project
Interviewees Bonilla, Eva
Duration 00:03:24
Citation "Current Activism," from Eva Bonilla oral history interview with ,  March 28, 2013, Civil Rights in Black and Brown Interview Database,, accessed December 08, 2019